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Rick Raimondi
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Before You Take a…

Google, Facebook and Apple get a lot of hype as great places to work, and they all have many positives. However, before choosing your next place of employment, there’s something vitally important that you need to look at: the Values-Fit. In other words, what are that company’s core values and guiding principles, and do these translate into something that works for you? And, just as importantly, do you have access to insider knowledge regarding what is really going on “behind the curtain” of a potential employer? If you work with me as your recruiting expert you do. In fact, one of the things that sets me apart is my ability to provide the type of insider knowledge that can help you land your best job yet. Before looking for new opportunities, determine what Values-Fit works best for you. Be brutally honest with yourself in respect to what you value at..

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