A Paycheck is Only a Piece of the Puzzle

Rick Raimondi

Most say: “follow the money”, “money buys off problems”. Is it possible to be happy without having the means to pay rent on your apartment or meeting that monthly mortgage payment? What’s more important:  a pleasant job environment, or your bank statement?

Studies have shown that employees are less likely to complain about their current title and salary, if a motivating, communicative, trusting and overall enjoyable environment is practiced. Acknowledgment of an employee’s contribution to the company is key. After all, their accomplishments define the company.

There are three layers to a company: strategy, vision and direction. Employees contribute to each of these components. Ask yourself: what does the company believe in? What is their ultimate goal? How do and will you contribute to the company’s success?

Employees that work in an unsatisfactory environment are more inclined to be unhappy with their current pay and job title.  Some of us have heard and have said it: “I should be getting paid a lot more for what I do for this company”  Sound familiar?

If you are taking on a workload beyond your duties, and working long hours without any of your achievements being brought to light, it is common to slowly harbor negative feelings; especially if you have been working at the company for more than 5 years–you should have created quantitative milestones for the company.

Age plays a large role in an employees’ perspective regarding overall job satisfaction. It is assumed that with more experience, comes a better pay check and better benefits.  An entry level employee will be happy just paying rent on an apartment, finally earning their independence.  A more experienced candidate however, will have volumes more of elements in their life: a family for example, mortgage and car payments; all while challenged with the goal of saving money for long-term needs. 

Pay alone is not the determining factor in job satisfaction.  It is just one variable  along with work tenure, age, and the company’s corporate mission that becomes part of a  multi-variable equation that determines overall job satisfaction.

The right solution to this equation is to focus your search by working with successful companies that have high morale, open and honest communication and generous benefits.


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