A Positive Outlook on Outsourcing

Rick Raimondi

Over the past decade, US employment rates have been in decline; while multinational corporations have increased outsourcing employment abroad. These companies, which previously employed as many as 20% of all US workers, have cut employment in the US drastically, and have dramatically increased employment in countries such as India. This trend reflects the negative aspects of globalization and has opened up a host of doubt for workers—such as ourselves in the good old U.S. Long gone are the days in which America was at the top of the food chain; these days, we are being eaten for breakfast like a Grand Slam at Denny’s.

Why do companies seek employment abroad? There are several factors that play into this role, but, the major reason is economical. Often, developing countries have fewer rules and regulations and lower salaries; thus, making it possible for companies to hire more people abroad than they would domestically—and taxes are cheaper for companies to hire abroad. The National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), which is responsible for settling labor disputes between employees and unions, has less influence overseas—making it easier to pay employees less.

According to multinational representatives, the market and product services industry is growing at a more rapid rate abroad than domestically. Concurrently, the job market overseas is booming, while the domestic unemployment rate is at an all time high. Which begs the question: what will the future hold for the unemployed here in the U.S.?

A cynic may say that we’re all out of fun cards, but, there’s another way to view this dilemma. See it as an opportunity! That’s right, I went there. Outsourcing is not the end of your existence! So relax, let me explain. Rather than sulking, think about spending a few years working abroad for a multinational corporation.

I know what you’re thinking: “Come on, I have to possess some form of fluency in the language”. But Guess what? It is not required to be fluent in the language—seriously; you don’t have to speak a lick of the local dialect!

I am going to share a tidbit of information: living abroad in places such as India is dirt cheap; I mean dirt cheap—so think of it this way: you can put some extra change in your piggy bank.

The most important point that I would like to press, is that you will be viewed as a job candidate that is willing to go the extra mile, that can adapt easily to new environments, and not afraid of change. International experience is merited in the job market. Trust me; HR loves this sort of thing.

So, without trepidation, make your move! Make your mark as a serious job candidate in this competitive market. Pack your bags and go! You have nothing to lose, but a stellar employment opportunity to gain!


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