CAD Engineer

Located in Irvine, CA


  • Validate, design and develop complex standard cells that significantly boost circuit performance and optimize dynamic/static power consumption in advanced technologies
  • Engage with design teams to understand new library cell requirements, with PPA benefits
  • Validate and deliver a complete stdcells design kit or memory compiler to ASIC design team
  • Develop optimal circuit solutions that enable better design performance, with improved area/power tradeoffs
  • Engage with timing teams, chip level designers, review flow requirements such as synthesis, static timing analysis, crosstalk, EMIR, P&R requirements

Required Skills:

  • Must understand complete library design flow, Liberty Formats, Variation Formats, P&R/timing requirements of library, DFT/testing aspect of the design
  • Ability to run spectre or spice simulations and debug circuit issues
  • Ability to write verilog models and run verilog simulations for stdcells and memory
  • Working experience with std cell and memory layout, familiarity with reviewing DRM, DRC/LVS results
  • Scripting in Perl and TCL experience
  • Familiarity with Overall ASIC Design Flow
  • Familiarity with Timing Constraints
  • Familiarity with Common issues in 28nm and advanced nodes a plus.
  • 5 years of characterization, circuit design & QA experience of Stdcells and Memory Design Kits
  • BSEE / MSEE is required

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