Resume Padding: Just Don’t Do It

Adrianna Wu

Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson resigned last week after the discovery that his resume contained false information.

So the question applies to resume padding in general: is it really worth it?

Thompson changed his bachelor of science degree in business administration with a major in accounting, to a bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science with a couple clicks of the keyboard. It got him the job, and it also lost him the job.

We can empathize with the man. In a 2010 survey of 1,818 organizations, 69% reported catching a job candidate lying on his or her résumé. That’s the weakness of the honor system involved with resumes: it can take 5 seconds to add an extra 5 years of education under your belt. No wonder so many people fall prey to the temptation.

However, we see these oustings more and more frequently: former RadioShack CEO Dave Edmondson underwent the same “resignation” process when he lied about having degrees in theology in psychology (

With all of these public examples of resume falsifications, it’s no doubt that companies will be keeping their own candidates under close watch. Screening methods and background checks for job applicants are increasing for companies big and small (

The paranoia and dishonesty involved in padding your resume outweigh the actual position. Work on gaining real experience to load onto your resume, and the job will follow.


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