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Adrianna Wu
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Why You Need to…

"At the time of the Great Migration in the 1920s... less-educated individuals were more likely to migrate in search of better lives. Today, the opposite is true: The more education a person has, the more mobile he or she is." Dr. Enrico Moretti, a economic professor at the University of California, Berkeley gives us the premise for why mobilization is essential to a successful lifestyle. Mobilization means to be active, to be on the move. In other words: when an opportunity presents itself, you will have no hesitation in grasping it. Opportunities are around every corner, and may require a dramatic change in scenery. If this includes moving states after college, packing up your family for a new job, or relocating somewhere with lower unemployment rates, mobilization is empowerment. "Relocating is like an investment: You spend money up front- to cover the costs of a move and of living expenses..

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