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Rick Raimondi
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The Three A’s to…

Attitude, Aptitude and Attendance. By understanding the importance and makeup of these three character traits you will save yourself hundreds of dollars in “How to manager your Boss” books and countless hours of reading time as well. Attitude – This may seem pretty self explanatory, and most people at least try to have a positive attitude, but even on your good days it can be a challenge, especially with a micro manager. Remember, people can tell what you are thinking, even when you don’t say it. Body language, non verbal communication says a lot more than we think and an adept person will always be able to know what is on your mind. Life has many challenges and work is definitely part of it, especially the way the economy has evolved these past few years. When my friends that are doing well start complaining about work, I tell them two..

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Adrianna Wu
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How to Nail the…

The phone screen is the bridge between sending in a resume and performing a live interview. It provides a window into what kind of employee you are, a look at your behavioral tendencies, and an opportunity for the employer to get excited for the official interview. However, it can break a candidate-- the employer may decide that you aren’t the right fit. This is why it is paramount to nail the phone screen. The benefit of the phone-interview is that you could be lounging in your pajamas on your living room sofa, and still have the professionality of a formally conducted live interview. No matter what your situation, you should sound like you are sitting in an office dressed in slacks and a tie. There should be no children screaming, no dogs barking, no TV programs- no interruptions. If you are expecting a phone call, have a designated space to..

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